SketchUp Course Introduction:

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software applications for architecture, interior design, civil engineering, etc.
SketchUp is owned by Trimble Inc.
SketchUp is widely supported by an online library of free model assemblies known as 3D Warehouse, many SketchUp users contribute models to this 3d Warehouse.
The program includes drawing easy 3d modelling & layout creation with different rendering styles, SketchUp is supported by a range of third-party plug-in programs available on Extension Warehouse

SketchUp has many unique capabilities example it enables placement of 3d models on Google Earth.

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Authorised Training Center

  • Authorised Training Center for SketchUp in Mumbai
  • Industry experience & Certified Trainers
  • Licensed Latest version software
  • Authorized Study Material
  • SketchUp Authorised SketchUp Certification with Global Validity
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SketchUp Course Syllabus

Trimble Authorised SketchUp Course curriculum, of 3d Visualization for Architecture, Interior Designing

LEVEL-1: Basic & Essential

·      User interface

  • Zoom, Orbit, Pan
  • Undo, Redo
  • Views (Top, Front, Iso, Parallel projection & Perspective etc.)
  • Locking axes using arrow keys

·      Drawing Objects

  • Line, Rectangle, Circle, Polygon,
  • Rotated Rectangle, Arc, Pie, Freehand
  • 3D Text

·      Modify Objects

  • Push Pull
  • Move, Rotate, Scale
  • Offset, Erase

·      Exploring Object Sources

  • 3D Warehouse

·      Presentation

  • Apply colors with Paint Bucket tool
  • Apply materials
LEVEL-2: Intermediate

·       Using Shortcuts

·       User interface

  • Style toolbar (X-ray, Back Edges, Hidden Lines etc)
  • Guideline with Tape Measure and Protector
  • Setting & Resetting Axes
  • Setting Units and Snapping

·       Drawing Objects – Draw with Accuracy

  • Keyboard shortcuts with Additional key functions
  • Use measurement toolbar
  • Use construction tool set
  • Dimension & Text Labels
  • Add Geo-Location

·       Modify Objects – Additional drawing techniques

  • Create and use Groups
  • Create and use Component
  • Use Array
  • Use Follow me tool
  • Use Solid Tools
  • Use Sandbox Tools
  • Use Match Photo

·       Organizing Objects

  • Use Layers
  • Use Outliner Tray
  • Hide & Un-hide

·       Presentation

  • Positioning texture
  • Use Camera Toolbar: FOV, Position Camera, Look Around, Walk
  • Use Shadow Tray
  • Use Style Tray
  • Use Fog Tray
  • Section Plane
  • Use Scenes
  • Advance Camera tools
  • Animation Settings

·       Import and Export

  • Importing AutoCAD file

Exporting Animation and Image

LEVEL-3: Advance / Expert

·       Modify Objects

·       Dynamic Components

  • Attributes
  • Animate function
  • Defining custom variables
  • Hide and Unhide
  • Copy & Copies

·       Using Simple Plugins

  • Solid Inspector2
  • Solar North

·       Extension Warehouse

·       LayOut

·       Style Builder

Generating Reports

LEVEL-4: Efficiency Improvement with Plugins

·       Drawing Objects

  • Brezier Curve
  • Tools on Surface

·       Modify Objects – Using Plugins

  • Joint Push Pull
  • Fredo Scale
  • Round Corner
  • Path Copy
  • Shape Bender
  • Soap Skin & Bubble
  • Curviloft
  • 1001 bit tools

·       Presentation

  • ThruPaint


After the completion upon the sessions, assign a project to the student. The project should not simple or too much complicated.

Ideally keep the project duration about 10 hr. The project should be planned, create and present properly to the instructor.

It should cover real-world objects and dimensions. It should give the experience to the students for their betterment of usage of

the SketchUp product in future. It is advisable that, the student should pick-up the project as per their academic curriculum.

However, you are free to create and assign your own project idea.

Batch Info :

  • Daily 2 hrs on weekdays
  • 5 days per week
  • 4hrs per day weekends
  • 1 month (5 weeks to 6 weeks)
  • 50 hrs course
  • Projects included
  • Regular test and projects for quality training
  • Average 3 students per batch. Max 5.

D23 Benefits

  • Authorized Training, Certificate, Study Material, Trainer
  • High-end workstations
  • Lecture Revisions
  • Jobs Assistance
  • Group Discounts
  • Vacation Batches
  • Weekend Batches
  • Small Batche size (average 3 students per batch)
  • Personal training available
  • Home Training available
  • Online Training from Home
  • Regular workshops Seminar.


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