GRASSHOPPER 3D Course Introduction:

Welcome Grasshopper for Rhino is a node-based graphical algorithm plugin for Rhinoceros 3d NURBS modelling software. working on Grasshopper does not require any programming or scripting skills, allowing you to design and build complex forms and generative designs from the simple logic building process.

At D23 Design Lounge We teach you how to create logic with help of nodes, understand data structure and how to control complex design with help of data integration.

Enrol for our Grasshopper for Rhino tutorials for beginners as well as professionals to learn professional Grasshopper for Rhino course authorized by Mcneel with international standards.
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Authorised Training Center

  • Authorised Training Center for Rhinoceros 3d (Rhino) 3d in Mumbai
  • Industry experience & Certified Trainers
  • Licensed Latest version software
  • Study Material by Grasshopper
  • Authorised Rhinoceros Certification with Global Validity

Grasshopper 3d Course Syllabus

McNeel Authorised Rhinoceros 3d Course curriculum, for Advance Parametric Modeling & Generative Design for Architecture, Interior Designing etc

  • GH101 Interface
    Explore and become familiar with the Grasshopper interface
    – Introduction

    – Interface
    – Grasshopper Objects
    – Object State
    – Anatomy of the component
  • GH102 Components
    Components are your toolkit! Learn about the different types.
    – Containers

    – Constructors
    – Visualisation

    – Control Mechanisms

  • GH103 Data
    Everything revolves around data. Get familiar!
    – Single vs Multiple Data

    – Data matching
    – Sequences
    – Strings
  • GH104 Measurement
    Extract and use data from existing geometry.
    – Proximity Attractor

    – Areas

    – Parameter Space
    – Closest Points
    – Containment

  • GH105 Geometry
    Construct various types of geometry.
    – Lines

    – Curves
    – Circles
    – Loft
    – Extrude
    – Pipe
  • GH201 Transformations
    Transform your geometry in a variety of ways.
    – Move

    – Rotate
    – Orient
    – Array
    – Scale
  • GH202 Operators
    Combine geometry with Math.
    – Mass Addition

    – Math Operators
    – Modulus
  • GH203 Conditions
    Introduce conditions for checking and selecting geometry.
    – Greater or Less than

    – Similarity
  • GH204 Intersections
    Combine, Subtract and Intersect your geometry.
    – Curve Intersections

    – Regions
    – Contours
    – Surface Split

    – Boolean

  • GH205 Cluster
    Package your design logic into your own components.
    – Create a function

    – Create the cluster
    – User Objects
  • GH206 Triangulation
    Techniques to operate on point fields.
    – Delauney

    – Voronoi
    Quad Tree
    – Proximity

Grasshopper Designer

  • GH301 Trees
    Explore the way Grasshopper handles data.
    – Understanding Trees

    – Flip Matrix

    – Selecting Items
    – Flatten List
    – Graft List
    – Workflow

  • GH302 Analytics
    Drive design analysis with grasshopper.
    – Area Analysis

    – Structure Indicator
    – Analysis Grid
  • GH303 Advanced Components
    Look at some of the more advanced components.
    – Image Sampling

    – Timers
    – Isovists
  • Grasshopper Advanced Exam

Extending Grasshopper

Finding Grasshopper Addons


Register to to access great add-ons

Generate Structure, Panels and Subdivisions easily

Import roads, buildings and urban features from Open Street Maps.

An introduction to implementing Physics Engines in Grasshopper


4 Lessons

Utilise Evolutionary Solvers to explore generative design

Batch Info :

  • Daily 2 hrs on weekdays
  • 5 days per week
  • 4hrs per day weekends
  • 1 month (5 weeks to 6 weeks)
  • 50 hrs course
  • Projects included
  • Regular test and projects for quality training
  • Average 3 students per batch. Max 5.

D23 Benefits

  • Authorized Training, Certificate, Study Material, Trainer
  • High-end workstations
  • Lecture Revisions
  • Jobs Assistance
  • Group Discounts
  • Vacation Batches
  • Weekend Batches
  • Small Batche size (average 3 students per batch)
  • Personal training available
  • Home Training available
  • Online Training from Home
  • Regular workshops Seminar.


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