REVIT MEP Course Introduction:

Revit software is specifically built for BIM (Building Information Modeling), Helping Civil industry professionals to bring ideas from concept to reality with a coordinated approach based as per the design model. It includes the functionality of all of the Revit disciplines (architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing & structure) in one unified interface.

Autodesk Revit Architecture training course in Mumbai by an Authorized Training centre as per Autodesk’s rigorous standards of excellence for Revit Training program. We at D23 Design Lounge understand the critical requirements of the industry and ability to teach complicated skills in a simple format. Watch our Revit training videos to prepare for class projects & build your design skills.

Enrol for our Revit classes in Mumbai to earn professional Revit certification authorized by Autodesk with international validity.
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Authorised Training Center

  • Authorised Training Center for Revit in Mumbai
  • Industry experience & Certified Trainers
  • Licensed Latest version software
  • Study Material by Autodesk Authorized Authors
  • Autodesk Authorised Revit Certification with Global Validity

Revit Architecture Course Syllabus

Autodesk Authorised Revit Course Curriculum, for Architecture, Interior, & Civil Industry Professionals

Introduction to Revit MEP
  • Introducing Revit MEP
  • Understanding the Basic Concepts and Principles
  • Opening the Interface
  • Using the Shortcut Keys
  • Interoperability of Revit MEP
  • Setting the Configuration and Preferences
Starting with Revit MEP
  • Starting a Project
  • Setting Units
  • Configuring other Global Settings
  • Using Model Display Tools
  • Saving a Project
  • Closing a Project 
Creating Building Envelope
  • Understanding Walls and its Types
  • Adding Door & Window
  • Working with Levels
  • Introduction to Architectural Floors
  • Creating Roof using Roof Tool
  • Sketching a Ceiling
  • Calculating Room Values
  • Creating Stairs and Ramps
  • Using Curtain System in a Project
Editing Tools
    • Creating a Selection Set
    • Moving and Copying Elements
    • Trimming and Extending Elements
    • Cutting and Pasting Elements
    • Rotating, Mirroring, Matching, Aligning, Deleting, and Splitting Elements
    • Pinning and Unpinning Elements
    • Creating Group of  Elements
Space, Zones & Analysis
  • Space Modeling for Building Analysis
  • Adding Color Schemes and Color Legends
  • Creating Zones from Spaces
Creating an HVAC System
  • Introduction to an HVAC System
  • Adding Air Equipments
  • Inspecting the Duct System
  • Creating Duct Legend
  • Generating HVAC Layouts
Creating an Electrical System
  • Adding Electrical Fixtures
  • Adding Power and System Devices
  • Adding Lighting Fixtures
  • Specifying the Electrical Settings
  • Creating Power Distribution System
  • Creating Circuits
Creating Plumbing System
  • Creating a Plumbing System
  • Specifying the Pipe Settings
  • Placing Fittings
  • Placing Pipe Accessories
Creating Fire Protection System
  • Fire Protection System
  • Creating Space Schedule
  • Connecting the Sprinklers
Using the Dimension and Constraint
  • Working with tags and keynotes
  • Adding Symbols
  • Adding Dimensions and its types
Creating Families and Work sharing
  • Introduction to Massing
  • Understanding Massing Concepts
  • Massing in Conceptual Design Environment
  • Understanding the Work sharing Concepts

Batch Info :

  • Daily 2 hrs on weekdays
  • 5 days per week
  • 4hrs per day weekends
  • 1 month (5 weeks to 6 weeks)
  • 50 hrs course
  • Projects included
  • Regular test and projects for quality training
  • Average 3 students per batch. Max 5.

D23 Benefits

  • Authorized Training, Certificate,
  • Authorised Study Material
  • Certified Trainers with Industry Experience
  • Small Batche size
    (average 3 students per batch)
  • High-end workstations
  • Lecture Revisions
  • Jobs Assistance
  • Group Discounts
  • Vacation Batches
  • Weekend Batches
  • Personal training available
  • Home Training available
  • Online Training from Home
  • Regular workshops Seminar.

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