3DS MAX Course Introduction:

3ds MAX software for modeling, texturing animation, and rendering that allows you to create massive worlds in Civil Architecture Industry with stunning scenes of Interior and Exterior space design visualization for Architects, Interior Designers and other Civil Industry Professionals.

Autodesk 3ds MAX Architecture tutorials in Mumbai by an Authorized Training center as per Autodesk’s rigorous standards of excellence for 3ds MAX Training program, we understand the critical requirements of the industry and ability to teach complicated skills in simple format.
Watch our 3ds MAX training videos to prepare for class projects & build you design skills. Enroll for our 3ds MAX tutorials for beginners as well as professionals to earn professional 3ds MAX certification authorized by Autodesk with international validity.

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3dsMAX Course Fee = ₹30500

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Authorised Training Center

  • Authorised Training Center for 3dsMAX in Mumbai
  • Industry experience & Certified Trainers
  • Licensed Latest version software
  • Study Material by Autodesk Authorized Authors
  • Autodesk Authorised 3dsMAX Certification with Global Validity

3dsMAX Course Syllabus

Autodesk Authorised 3dsMAX Course curriculum, of 3d Visualization & Walkthrough for Architecture, Interior Designing


Intro to 3d concepts, Intro to 3ds max, User Interface, Intro to production stages

Creation of Standard primitives, Extended primitives

Transform tools, ref coordinate system, Pivot point align

Scene Display settings, Navigation Tools

Cloning, Mirror, Selections

Creating basic shapes, extended splines

snaps, extrude, Edit spline

Groups, Align, Spacing Tool, Clone and Align.

Lathe, Bevel profile, Sweep, Merge

Loft, deformers

Bend, taper, twist, skew, lattice, wave, noise, ffd (box, cylinder)


Layers, Unit Setup, Pro Boolean,

Edit Poly, Sofa Modeling

shape merge, AEC extended, doors, windows, stairs, Importing from Autocad

Materials concepts –  diffuse, specular, transparency, reflection, refraction, self illumination

Shader types – Blinn, Anistropic, Oren Nayer Blinn, Metal, Phong,

Material – Maps, UVW, Asset manager

Bump, Mask, Opacity,

Multi-sub object, flat mirror, Ratrace map

Water, sky, noise, mix, gradient ramp


Light concepts- multiplier, shadows, decay, Attenuation importance

Types of lights,, Types of shadows, shadows parameter

volume light, Photometric Light , IES lights

Manage scene lighting ,  Interior, Exterior, luminaire

Types of camera, parameters of cameras

path constrain, make preview

Intro to animation, set key,  Auto key animation

Final Output - Rendering window, scanline renderer

Batch Info :

  • Daily 2 hrs on weekdays
  • 5 days per week
  • 4hrs per day weekends
  • 1 month (5 weeks to 6 weeks)
  • 50 hrs course
  • Projects included
  • Regular test and projects for quality training
  • Average 3 students per batch. Max 5.

D23 Benefits

  • Authorized Training, Certificate, Study Material, Trainer
  • High-end workstations
  • Lecture Revisions
  • Jobs Assistance
  • Group Discounts
  • Vacation Batches
  • Weekend Batches
  • Small Batche size (average 3 students per batch)
  • Personal training available
  • Home Training available
  • Online Training from Home
  • Regular workshops Seminar.


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